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Consulting Services and Training Products for Rail and Bus, Freight and Passenger and Transit

Established in 1972, PTSI Transportation traces its deepest roots to the 1950 era consultancy of the late Carl R. Englund, Jr., who later served (as does his son Carl III) as a Senior Advisor to our firm.

In over 46 years of service to the railway and public transportation industries, PTSI Transportation has found its market niche in areas not well served by other consultancies. For the railway industry, these include operations training tools such as the Route Learning System™, customer and on board service, and management systems and standards. Railway passenger equipment including appraisal and residual value optimization, has been a long-standing specialty (our fingerprints are on the Amtrak Superliners, the California Cars, many two level commuter cars, and some PRIIA designs). Finally, for the rail and bus transit and motor coach fields, customer service, route development, and the fine-tuning of the public-private interface have been specialties.

In the last two decades, we have successfully built a bridge between Europe and the United States for railways and associate firms seeking to enlarge their knowledge of and market presence on the other side of “the pond”.

PTSI Transportation is available to address your transportation management consulting needs:

  • Do you need assistance qualifying locomotive engineers or train operators?
  • Our Route Learning System™ is simple and cost effective.

  • Developing bus routes or systems?
  • Our bus and transit team can help.

  • Optimizing railway on board service amenities and foodservice?
  • Our joint venture, On Board Specialists, has the answer.

  • Are you a European railway or railway supplier who wants to enter the US rail market?
  • We can get you started.

  • Getting ready to rollout a luxury train service?
  • We can assist.

Just give us a call: (201) 933-5530 or send us an email: mrw@ptsitransportation.com

While you’re on our web site, be sure to review our new Route Learning System™ video for specific information on how that system can be the most useful tool in your engineer/operator training program.